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Professional writing and editing services for internal/external corporate communications and marketing communications. Specialization in equipment finance and asset-based lending. Executive ghostwriting, blog and web content, case studies, grant writing and more.

If it needs to be written, we can write it!

Expand Your Capabilities
If your marketing or PR teams are working overtime, why not consider outsourcing? These days, many businesses are doing more with less, and that can put extra pressure on your employees. 
Good writing is a time-consuming project that busy people rarely have time for. Rather than push it to the back burner, let M2Communications help:

Brochures                                     Newsletters                             Executive messages
Direct mail copy                          White papers                          Blogs
Factsheets                                     Business summaries              Web content
Press releases                               Corporate histories                Ghost-writing
Sales support literature               Annual reports                       By-lined articles
Surveys                                         Social media support             Speeches & presentations
Case studies/success stories

Equipment Finance & Asset-based Lending
Lisa Miller is well-versed in the specialized world of equipment leasing/finance and asset-based lending. She is a regular contributor to the industry’s most respected magazines, The Monitor and ABF Journal. She has worked with a diverse group of financial companies and their executive teams to tell their stories the way they want them told. Over the years she has produced a plethora of web content, transaction success stories, marketing brochures, press releases, sales sheets and campaigns touting the benefits of leasing and tax-based financing.

Case Studies & Success Stories

Flaunt your successes through storytelling! Superior customer service is one of the most important and visible aspects of doing business today. Highlight customer relationships and exceptional transactions with success stories that you can post on your website, share in a customer newsletter or use as a marketing flier. When you share real customer experiences, you’ll uncover a persuasive way to get your customers and prospects to listen and ask what you can do for them!

Blogs, Trade Journals, Corporate History, Annual Reports and More
Thought leadership is an important tool in building your brand, and your executive team has a wealth of expertise. Don’t waste it! Take the extra step to enhance your business credibility by publishing by-lined articles in relevant trade journals and news publications. An interesting and engaging article helps establish stature within your industry or community.
     Blogs are another way to connect with your audience, whether it is internal or external, but they can be time-consuming and daunting to write. Let M2Communications do it for you!
     If you have expertise to share but are not comfortable as a writer—or don’t have the time to invest in creating your own content—consider a ghostwriter. At M2Communications we have the:

  • Expertise to capture your personality and communications style, so the article sounds as if it came directly from your desk,
  • Skills to interview you or your senior managers to create content from scratch, or the
  • Flexibility to edit your existing draft and add the polish that will make your article shine.

A connected and engaged workforce is critical to the success of your business. Open, two-way communication allows you to share information with your employees while also providing a tool to hear what they are thinking.
Your mission and vision are meaningless if you don’t know how to communicate them to your audience. Are you looking for a way to communicate regularly with your employee base? Do you have a difficult topic you need to share with your work teams or customers? Let M2Communications help you craft a message that has the necessary detail, nips questions in the bud and alleviates fear.
      Do you have a new product or marketing concept that you need your employees to buy into? We can help you build team spirit with a message that grabs your audience and makes them want to get on board.

Clear, grammatically correct sentences result in more accurate translations for your international business locations. We have experience working with translators to get you the copy you need to manage and promote business outside the U.S.

Stand Out from the Pack
When you consider how many pages the average grantor has to wade through, you want to do everything possible to keep his eyes and mind on your application. M2Communications will help you identify your audience, effectively explain your position and deliver a clear, well-packaged message that gets your grantor’s attention.

Contact:    Lisa A. Miller    (518) 275-9929    lisa@miller2communications.com